The innovation of Dapp CrossCheck

//The innovation of Dapp CrossCheck

The idea of using the Blockchain to build and manage network protocols is an innovative new paradigm of making applications.

It is quite a challenge to evaluate innovation in new projects or program. As it is today, most of the innovation has been transferring or converting applications or functionalities that have been developed in another architecture to be accesible in a descentralized and Blockstack way.

That replica of what we have today is one level of innovation. Many dapps have been a good example of this (they were market proven apps) and they have received very good retribution for that effort.

Probably, the open source strategy for these developments have been excellent to speed up the learning and adoption curve of the Blockstack platform. One question arises, sustainability of the evolution of a dApp.

As in the book The Circle of Innovation by Tom Peters, there are serveral ideas that generate innovation, like Distance is dead, destruction is cool, you can’t live without an eraser, we are all Michelangelos, all value comes from the professional services, the system is the solution, create waves of lust, branding, etc.

Probably, another level of innovation could be the creation of real new ways solving the problems we are living in using these Circle of Innovation or other ways of innovating now enabled by the advantages of the Blockstack platform.

These type of innovations are more sofisticated in terms of its usage, and if they are really innovative, no other similar initiative can be easily detected. And surely, these innovations possibly have not been tested or still are not succesful. In this case, it is not so clear the benefits of having an open source strategy or not for these innovations. Depending on the business model, it can go one way or another to assure sustainability.

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