Presentation of Paradigma CrossCheck

//Presentation of Paradigma CrossCheck

Paradigma CrossCheck is a platform for business growth based on smart contracts and IoT devices.

We provide a platform of decentralized applications (DAPP) facilitates business development through the interaction, creation, use and exchange of smart contracts between professionals, enterprises and organizations under a monitored environment by blockchain integrating Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Paradigma CrossCheck has been inspired by a culture of cooperation and reciprocity in small communities. Paradigma has been at the forefront of helping communities in need for more than 20 years. On the other hand, it acknowledges from its experience that people, groups, companies and organizations have difficulties to cooperate with each other. They tend to protect their acquired knowledge, status and resources. A more decentralized and interactive economy will not necessarily develop in a natural way if people do not have the tools to do so. It is for that reason that Paradigma CrossCheck has comes to life. Taking advantage of the trustless system inherent to blockchain technology.

Paradigma CrossCheck opens the possibility for everyone to develop a startup or enhance existing business by securing safe interactions and transactions.

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